“Who I Am: Competitive, Intelligent, Caring.”

– Sydney Guffey, Glacier Peak High School, WA

Sydney Guffey is currently a freshman at Glacier Peak High School, WA. She has been involved with many sports ever since she was able to run, including flag football, soccer, softball, and basketball. Her passion has led her toward soccer and basketball in high school.  Over the years of being an active athlete, she has learned to manage her time in order to get her school work done and still have fun with her friends. When she isn’t on a court or field, you can find her spending time her family or watching Netflix.

“Being a girl athlete, I have come to realized that boys’ sports generally get priority in many areas over girls.  They seem to usually have better uniforms, and tend to get more field and / or court space. Just recently, my high school soccer team had practice at the same time as the football players, and we had to fight just to be able to use 40 yards of their second practice field.  That gave them a full field plus 60 yards. I personally didn’t think that was fair.”


“Being a girl athlete is hard to do at times, since everyone assumes that girls are weaker, and not as talented.  I am proud to prove them wrong anytime I get a chance. ” – Sydney Guffey

Being a girl athlete defies gender stereotypes and feminine expectations. The forces of our sporting culture is still pushing back in ways unknowable except to those of us who have sweated out make-up, put on a dress, and traded in cleats for heels. “Who I Am: A Girl and an Athlete” Photos Series shows the multitude of identities and the complex experiences of growing up, in our generation, both a girl and an athlete. The series will feature four high school girl athletes! Check back every Tuesday for photography by Tara Brown.


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