“Who I Am: Clumsy, Competitive, Committed.”

– Mady Burdett, Edmonds-Woodway High School, WA

Mady Burdett is currently a senior at Edmonds-Woodway High School. While she has run a season of cross country and played a season of softball, her true passion lies on the basketball court, where she made the varsity team as a freshman. She first picked up a basketball at the age of 5, and hopes to play at the next level–in college. In her spare time from school and the gym, Mady likes to go on runs and get frozen yogurt with her friends.

“There was once when all my friends had this hike planned out and I had to decide whether to do the cool hike or go to a training that wasn’t mandatory. I decided to do the training, instead of go with all of my friends and all of them were saying, ‘Oh my God, Mady, come on, why are you going to basketball?’ And then they sent me pictures of them on the hike with pretty water and stuff and I was in a gym, sweating, with hurt knees, but I was honestly so happy that I chose to play basketball instead.”

Who I Am - Mady

“To be a girl athlete makes me feel powerful. It means that I can do things people say girls can’t do, which makes me proud. To see so many amazing girl athletes evolve throughout the years makes me smile because they are proving the doubters wrong!” – Mady Burdett

Being a girl athlete defies gender stereotypes and feminine expectations. The forces of our sporting culture is still pushing back in ways unknowable except to those of us who have sweated out make-up, put on a dress, and traded in cleats for heels. “Who I Am: A Girl and an Athlete” Photos Series shows the multitude of identities and the complex experiences of growing up, in our generation, both a girl and an athlete. The series will feature four high school girl athletes! Check back every Tuesday for photography by Tara Brown.