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CONTEST WINNER (Youth, 2017): “A Perfect Game”

BY CHARLI ELLIOTT It was a beautiful day to play softball. The sun was warm enough that it soaked into our blue jerseys, staving off the crisp breeze blowing over the field. In a brief moment between batters, I scanned... Continue Reading →

CONTEST WINNER (2017): “My First Love”

BY ELISA HAGGARTY It's been years since I gave myself to you, worked with you, for you. It's been years since my days were consumed by you. I remember when we first met. I was young and you, old and... Continue Reading →

I am a Skateboarder

BY KRISTIN EBELING | This essay was selected as the Runner-Up of the Awesome Sports Writing Contest.  Hi, my name is Kristin and I’m a skateboarder. More specifically, I’m a female skateboarder, but unfortunately, I can’t say that with any... Continue Reading →

Father/Daughter: A Lesson Learned from my Fourth-Grade Daughter

BY DICK PETERSON | This essay was selected as the Honorable Mention of the Awesome Sports Writing Contest. Dick Peterson is a father and devout fan of a basketball player, Missy Peterson (senior class of 2017), as well as a long-time referee... Continue Reading →

Announcing the Awesome Sports Writing Contest Winners!

Our utmost thanks to everyone who participated in the Awesome Sports Writing Contest, but alas, winning is fun (so are cash prizes)! Congratulations to our winners and honorable mentions! Adult Category WINNER ($300): "My First Love" - By Elisa Haggarty A Kobe-eque... Continue Reading →

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