“Who I Am: Silly, Modest, and Dedicated”

– Missy Peterson, Edmonds-Woodway High School, WA

Missy Peterson is a junior at Edmonds-Woodway High School in Edmonds, WA. She started playing all kinds of sports at the old age of five, including soccer, basketball and softball. In the fall of her freshman year, she played soccer, and then switch over to play volleyball from her sophomore year onwards and have started on varsity ever since. Her primary sport is basketball, where she started on her high school varsity team as a freshman. Her goal is to play college basketball. In her free time, Missy likes to go to the local gym and shoot around, hang out with her friends. She also loves listening to music and watching Netflix.

“Being a female athlete is honestly one of the coolest things ever. Why, you ask? Because WE are the ones who get to shock the world. WE do things that nobody thought WE were ever capable of. WE conquer obstacles that nobody thought WE could and then WE are the ones who get to turn and say ‘Hell yes I did that.’ It’s pretty awesome if you ask me. Being separated from every other athlete in the world just because we are girls is what makes us so much more special. Everyone gets to sit back and watch us prove to the world that WE are capable of anything, and that just because WE are girls doesn’t mean WE can’t dunk, can’t play football, can’t have a triple double!!! Because believe it or not, WE can, and WE do ALL those things pretty damn well! One of my favorite parts about being a female athlete is watching younger girls play basketball and see how much better they are today. So next time you watch a girl play sports just keep a keen eye out because WE are only going to get better and better.” – Missy Peterson

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Being a girl athlete defies gender stereotypes and feminine expectations. The forces of our sporting culture is still pushing back in ways unknowable except to those of us who have sweated out make-up, put on a dress, and traded in cleats for heels. “Who I Am: A Girl and an Athlete” Photos Series shows the multitude of identities and the complex experiences of growing up, in our generation, both a girl and an athlete. The series will feature four high school girl athletes! Check back every Tuesday for photography by Tara Brown.

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