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Sports Round-Up: “EARN EVERYTHING”

BY GRACE GELONE | EDITORIAL INTERN Watching the NBA All-Star Game, a Gatorade ad I had never seen before came on, centered around what looked like a girls’ high school basketball team with the tag lines “EARN EVERYTHING” and “MADE... Continue Reading →

Emily is Her Name, Baseball is Her Game

You have probably heard of Mo'ne Davis. She is a female former Little League Baseball pitcher from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She pitched for the Little League World Series back in 2014 and made national headlines. Did you know that we have... Continue Reading →

Finding Michelle Kwan: A Black Boy’s Childhood on Ice

BY DENNIS NORRIS II Long before it actually happened, I tried to tell the world that I was a figure skater. I tried on Saturday afternoons, back in the nineties when skating was on TV every weekend. I tried by... Continue Reading →

My 3,000-Word Harassment List: An open letter to my co-captain, Jane

BY ANNICK LAMAR | Re-post from December 2016 Almost three weeks ago, on November 10th, I opened my computer fully intending to pen a few quick thoughts about the experience of being a female athlete. I had fancied it would... Continue Reading →

Softball IS a Sport

BY LAUREN LUND | EDITORIAL INTERN “Softball isn’t a sport, it couldn’t have been that hard to win state.” I cringe whenever I think about the kid at school saying that to me. To someone who has not experienced what... Continue Reading →

Skate Like a Girl

BY ISABELLA COOPER For the first time in my life, I feel like I am a part of a community where I belong. Skateboarding gives me the feeling of extreme happiness when I complete a trick, but also humility when... Continue Reading →

Driven to Madness

BY BEA CHANG * First Quarter I was a basketball junkie growing up. Maybe I still am. It depends on the day you ask me. Some days I will tell you that I have retired. Others I will tell you... Continue Reading →

Interview with Lindsey Blaine: Life as a Multi-Sport Athlete

BY LAUREN LUND | EDITORIAL INTERN I chose to interview Lindsey Blaine, a former high school and Division-I athlete. Before interviewing her, I was interested in the fact that she had played three sports in high school, but little did... Continue Reading →

Shoot for the Stars

As we begin the new year and the NBA brims with young stars, Matt Kelsey takes a look at some of the rising athletes of the WNBA!

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