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My Love Letter to Soccer

BY RITA ELLIS | This essay was selected as the Runner-Up in the adult category of the Awesome Sports Writing Contest.  I am Rita Jones Ellis and I am a proud 59-year-old Scot-Canadian-American woman (I have the passports to prove it!). Born into... Continue Reading →

Shred It Like an “Old” Girl

BY JASMINE DHALIWAL I crashed stomach first into the ice-packed snow, my arms barely breaking my fall. Landing on the outside of my right arm, I flipped onto my back, sliding head first down the hill. The back of my... Continue Reading →

Interview with Carly Fromdahl: A Coach and Player of the Game

BY HALEY HANSON | EDITORIAL INTERN I had the privilege to meet up with Carly Fromdahl, a two-sport athlete in high school and a Division I basketball player in college. She loves her sport so much she now dedicates her... Continue Reading →

Go Figure (Skate!)

BY SIGNE SAWYER | This essay was selected as the Honorable Mention in the youth category of the Awesome Sports Writing Contest.  If I tell someone that I skate, they ask “rollerblading or skateboarding?” Imagine their surprise when I tell them... synchronized... Continue Reading →

My Passion for Dancing

BY MARIE MALONE | This essay was selected as the Honorable Mention in the adult category of the Awesome Sports Writing Contest.  I would not call myself a ‘sporty’ kind of woman, like a basketball player, or a swimmer. I have two... Continue Reading →

Aces on the Board

BY MATTHEW KELSEY | CONTRIBUTING WRITER Only one day separates us now from the next episode of the WNBA Draft, and I can’t remember being more excited about a draft board in my life. Well, okay—2013 was pretty special. Though... Continue Reading →

Interview with Kyla Ross: Inspiring Others to Strive for Success

BY GRACE GELONE | EDITORIAL INTERN As a college freshman, I have come to enjoy watching gymnastics, a sport that I had not previously been exposed to. The women’s gymnastics team at UCLA is ranked third in the nation and... Continue Reading →

Awesome Sports Contest Winners 2018!

We are excited to announce the adult and youth winners of the Awesome Sports Writing Contest of 2018 . Our winners have so many different stories, different sports, different experiences to share, and we can't wait to publish them. Congratulations, winners!... Continue Reading →

Sports Round-Up: Mental Toughness

BY HALEY HANSON | EDITORIAL INTERN An athlete’s mentality, confidence, and skills are what separate the elite players from the average ones. Mental preparedness and toughness are the key aspect to be successful in today’s sports. How you approach the... Continue Reading →

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