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Inspiring girls' and women's voices in sports

Support the Power and Necessity of Female Voices in Sports!

We are a month away from launching the third year of the Awesome Sports Project, and we are excited for our ambitious outreach plans to reach an even wider audience. Join us in affecting change in our global community as we... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Game Ever Played: An Ode to the WNBA, And My Father

BY BEA CHANG I am going to tell you something that will infuriate you. You will throw out all kinds of statistics and anecdotes. You will say, “Listen, young lady,” shake your index finger, and explain sports to me. You... Continue Reading →

“Perfect Day” – An Essay Review

BY OLIVIA SKIBIEL | EDITORIAL INTERN The quote “Imagine what you could do if you knew you couldn’t fail” stood out to me as I read this essay, “Perfect Day,” written by professional surfer, Carissa Moore. Reading on, I came... Continue Reading →

Hypothetically Me

BY BETHANY ELDRIDGE | EDITORIAL INTERN I am a woman of hypotheticals. I like to think that the map of human experience is an equation that we have built, and hypothetical questions are fascinating decisions that alter that carefully crafted... Continue Reading →

Interview with Mercedes Wetmore: A Dual-Sport Student-Athlete

BY OLIVIA SKIBIEL | EDITORIAL INTERN It’s not incredibly hard to find an elite collegiate athlete, but to find a dual-sport collegiate player is remarkable. Mercedes Wetmore is one of those exceptional athletes, playing both softball and basketball at the... Continue Reading →

Win the Day

BY JESSICA BISHOP It is impossible to measure how much energy I’ve expended in my last nine years as a high school girls’ basketball coach. The mere thought of it exhausts me. Don’t get me wrong, I have undoubtedly found... Continue Reading →

Interview with Katherine Rowe: The Ultimate Coach

BY BETHANY ELDRIDGE | EDITORIAL INTERN I was an awkward and lanky preteen back in 2012. I wore my hair in a low ponytail, accompanied by shorts that covered everything down to my shins, my social life consisting of watching... Continue Reading →

CONTEST WINNER (Youth, 2017): “A Perfect Game”

BY CHARLI ELLIOTT It was a beautiful day to play softball. The sun was warm enough that it soaked into our blue jerseys, staving off the crisp breeze blowing over the field. In a brief moment between batters, I scanned... Continue Reading →

CONTEST WINNER (2017): “My First Love”

BY ELISA HAGGARTY It's been years since I gave myself to you, worked with you, for you. It's been years since my days were consumed by you. I remember when we first met. I was young and you, old and... Continue Reading →

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