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Finding Michelle Kwan: A Black Boy’s Childhood on Ice

BY DENNIS NORRIS II Long before it actually happened, I tried to tell the world that I was a figure skater. I tried on Saturday afternoons, back in the nineties when skating was on TV every weekend. I tried by... Continue Reading →

My 3,000-Word Harassment List: An open letter to my co-captain, Jane

BY ANNICK LAMAR | Re-post from December 2016 Almost three weeks ago, on November 10th, I opened my computer fully intending to pen a few quick thoughts about the experience of being a female athlete. I had fancied it would... Continue Reading →

Softball IS a Sport

BY LAUREN LUND | EDITORIAL INTERN “Softball isn’t a sport, it couldn’t have been that hard to win state.” I cringe whenever I think about the kid at school saying that to me. To someone who has not experienced what... Continue Reading →

Skate Like a Girl

BY ISABELLA COOPER For the first time in my life, I feel like I am a part of a community where I belong. Skateboarding gives me the feeling of extreme happiness when I complete a trick, but also humility when... Continue Reading →

Driven to Madness

BY BEA CHANG * First Quarter I was a basketball junkie growing up. Maybe I still am. It depends on the day you ask me. Some days I will tell you that I have retired. Others I will tell you... Continue Reading →

Shoot for the Stars

As we begin the new year and the NBA brims with young stars, Matt Kelsey takes a look at some of the rising athletes of the WNBA!

Refuse to Shrink

SHANNON BRADY If I could tell my seven-year-old self one thing it would be to refuse to shrink. Seven-year-old Shannon would probably look at me with a furrowed brow and confused expression, because shrinking was the last thing on her... Continue Reading →

“You Can’t Stop Now”

BY JULIANA WILLIAMS I’m sitting on a cot scarfing down pizza as the sun sets behind the mountains outside of Phoenix. This is the first meal I’ve eaten since early that morning. Normally, I would be better prepared for an... Continue Reading →

Beyond the X’s and O’s

BY SAMI WYNNE It’s that time of year again. The well-anticipated basketball season. It’s crazy to think that seven years ago, I was gearing up to start my high school senior year of basketball.  While I knew that it was... Continue Reading →

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