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Interview with Lindsey Blaine: Life as a Multi-Sport Athlete

BY LAUREN LUND | EDITORIAL INTERN I chose to interview Lindsey Blaine, a former high school and Division-I athlete. Before interviewing her, I was interested in the fact that she had played three sports in high school, but little did... Continue Reading →

Interview with Mercedes Wetmore: A Dual-Sport Student-Athlete

BY OLIVIA SKIBIEL | EDITORIAL INTERN It’s not incredibly hard to find an elite collegiate athlete, but to find a dual-sport collegiate player is remarkable. Mercedes Wetmore is one of those exceptional athletes, playing both softball and basketball at the... Continue Reading →

Interview with Katherine Rowe: The Ultimate Coach

BY BETHANY ELDRIDGE | EDITORIAL INTERN I was an awkward and lanky preteen back in 2012. I wore my hair in a low ponytail, accompanied by shorts that covered everything down to my shins, my social life consisting of watching... Continue Reading →

Interview with Ashley Graham: Passion

BY DAVI BORROMEO | EDITORIAL INTERN Many athletes start out as being the kid that was put onto a sports team by their parents. Some of those kids tried it once and moved on to something else; others grew to... Continue Reading →

Interview with Lindsey Wilson: Basketball as a Social and Cultural Phenomenon

by MARIKA KROMBERG UNDERWOOD | EDITORIAL INTERN Understanding the role of basketball as a cultural phenomenon has always been important to me. Many of athletes, including myself, have played this sport three times a week since we were six years... Continue Reading →

Interview with Kristin Ebeling: “You Got to Stand Up”

By Melina Monlux, Editorial Intern Stereotypes are rampant in our world. They are entrenched in our society, in our ideals, but they do not miraculously appear from nothing. They are taught. This means they can be changed, broken, and shattered.... Continue Reading →

Dreaming Big with Maddy Schultz and Mikayla Pivec

By Lily Gustafson A lot of kids -- both girls and boys -- dream of being professional athletes when they grow up. But only a select few can achieve it. Even getting a scholarship at a Division I school is... Continue Reading →

Intern Project Preview: Dreaming Big with Maddy and Mikayla

Lily Gustafson chats with fellow classmates and athletes, Maddy Shultz of Edmonds Woodway High School and Mikayla Pivec of Lynnwood High School, about winning state championships at the ages of 16 and 17, traveling with the women's national team, getting tweeted at by Elena Delle Donne, balancing school and athletics, and living out the dreams of young girls.

Chatting Up A Storm: A Sports Conversation (Continued)

By Bea Chang and Matt Kelsey, Continued from our sports conversation two months ago ("The Lynx Between Us") between two sports fanatics, Bea Chang and Matt Kelsey now turn their attention to growing up in the infant years of the... Continue Reading →

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