By Melina Monlux, Editorial Intern

Over the course of my time as an Editorial Intern at the Awesome Sports Project, I have been shocked to discover how easy it is to find sexism in sports. As a girl growing up in the post-Title IX era, I found it puzzling that I barely had to look to uncover traces of patriarchal values diminishing the worth of female athletes in every sport. For my final project, I decided to look no further than my school, Ballard High School. I asked both girls I knew and athletes I found if they had ever encountered sexism in their sport—more specifically, I asked if they had ever been told something demeaning, or something that would never be said to a male athlete. What I’ve recorded here is just a part of our struggle, of our story, as female athletes today.

“But, You’re a Girl” was junior Melina Monlux‘s final project as an Editorial Intern at the Awesome Sports Project. She recruited, shot, and edited the video – with special thanks to the girl athletes at Ballard High School. 

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