When I got an email from Bea Chang, offering me an internship position at the Awesome Sports Project, I was hesitant because as any of my mom fan-base noted from my previous work, I am not lacking in filled time. Yet, when I got this job I realized that it was just another way for me to accomplish one of my favorite things, meeting “my people”. This internship allowed me the chance to read articles about powerful women, talk to powerful women, and realize how powerful I could be.

So, while reflecting on all of this, I decided that the goal for my final project would be to highlight a voice that I saw as powerful in the women’s sports community. I knew that I could not broaden my horizons to the big-hitters like Serena, but I also knew that I didn’t have to. Ann Gamble, my former teammate and peer is one of the most powerful women that I know. Whenever Ann walks in the hallways, she greets me with a hug, a cheer, and often an encouragement about whatever event, game, or challenge I am currently participating in. Ann is a tremendous person that I thought deserved to showcase her voice in athletics since she always gave me the chance to showcase mine. So, this is Ann.